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Did you know that your salon visit has an impact on the environment? 

The Beauty Boutique is not just about helping our clients to feel beautiful, but also helping to keep Earth beautiful as well. 
We are a Green Circle Certified Sustainable Salon and divert 95% of our waste from Canadian landfills & waterways. 



We use foil for many different hair colouring techniques and even though metals are recyclable, our foils are contaminated with hair colour chemicals and will not be picked up by regular recycling programs.

Our green circle recycling program collects all of our used foil and safely recycles them into new products, like bicycle frames and car parts.

You can keep your used hair color foils out of landfills just by making an appointment at The Beauty Boutique.


Did you know a garbage bag of hair produces green house gasses as it tries to break down in a landfill?
That leads to climate change and that's a problem for us.
Hair needs air and moisture to decompose and it DOESN'T belong in a landfill.

So what DO we do with your hair?

We sweep it into a special bin and donate it to be recycled into innovative solutions such as:

  • Sustainable Plastics

  • Hair Booms to soak up oil spills

  • Stormwater Filtration

  • Commercial Insulation

  • Humanitarian Efforts

Who would have thought that your hair could be used for so many amazing things?



Did you know when hair colour waste is poured down the drain, it ends up in our drinking water and soil?

That is an environmental problem that we do NOT want to be part of.
At The Beauty Boutique, we keep our chemical waste out of our Canadian waterways.

We ship our excess colour waste to a chemical waste management facility where it is converted into clean energy to power homes and businesses.

How cool is that?


We use soft plastic caps to protect the collars of your clothing from hair colour and water.

But soft plastics are not accepted in regular recycling programs.

Instead of putting these in the trash - where they will end up in landfills - our specialty green circle recycling program takes our soft plastics and recycles them into new products.



Did you know that our current plaza location doesn't offer hard plastic recycling?

At The Beauty Boutique, we not only strive to help our clients feel beautiful, we also strive to keep Earth beautiful as well.

Instead of throwing all of our hard plastics in the trash, we take them home and make sure they are picked up by our residential municipality recycling program.

Now that's commitment!


At The Beauty Boutique we have made a conscious effort to keep as much salon waste as possible out of our Canadian landfills and waterways.

We have partnered with Green Circle to ensure all of our materials are safely disposed of including all of our cardboard and paper materials.

We believe in helping our clients feel beautiful while keeping Earth beautiful as well.



During makeup applications, for your safety, we use disposable mascara wands.

Normally, single use items would be thrown in the trash and end up in landfills.

But not at The Beauty Boutique!

We donate your used mascara wands to be used as tiny brushes that can remove fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals. 
We also encourage clients to drop off their used mascara wands for us to donate as well.


After you finished enjoying a glass of wine, beer or pink champagne at our salon, instead of returning the empties for money, we donate them to The Boston Terrier Rescue Foundation.

They use the proceeds from the empties to care for abused and neglected animals and that is a cause we are proud to be part of.

Enjoy an adult beverage at our salon and feel good knowing your beverage choice is helping rehabilitate our furry friends.



Did you know that after we brew you a delicious beverage, we scoop out the used coffee grounds and compost them?

We even recycle the plastic coffee pod and foil top with our specialty green circle recycling service.

We go above and beyond to make sure your salon visit is an eco-friendly one.

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