We are Hair & Make-Up Perfectionists. 

What that means is, we continuously train and strive to be the absolute best in our industry.


We pay attention to every detail because we want your visit to be perfect from start to finish.


We want you to feel pampered, refreshed & beautiful when you finish your visit with us - because a visit to the salon is about more than just your hair.  It's about your confidence, and we take that very seriously.

Bring your needs to the top of your priority list today.


We would love to see you.

Sincerely, Your Beauty Team

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Meet Holly, owner and CEO of The Beauty Boutique. ​


All of us girls agree that Holly is the #1 best boss in the history of the world.


Holly is a mom, a fur mom, a wife and a CEO of 2 corporations.


She is incredibly kind-hearted and cares so much about her team and all of our clients. She truly wants to see each and every one of us succeed and become the best hairstylists and people we can be. ​


She is constantly bringing in L’ANZA Educators to give us classes and signing us up for hair shows in places like London, Barrie, Mississauga, Toronto and even Nashville so that we can be up to date on the latest hair trends and techniques to serve you better! ​


When Holly wants something, she makes it happen. ​ She is an incredibly hard worker and it is because of her dedication and perseverance that The Beauty Boutique is what it is today - it started out with Holly and a dream. ​


Holly is overflowing with talent. Not only is she an incredible hairstylist, but she is also a skilled visual artist and has an amazing eye for all things beautiful. ​ All of the decor in the salon was designed and created by Holly. She hand-made our beautiful photo backdrop and constructed our beautiful 6 foot flower wall behind our front desk! ​ This girl can take anything and make it gorgeous. DIY Queen!!


She also enjoys crystals (which you will find hidden around our salon), herbalism, aromatherapy and is a Reiki Master, Advanced Crystal Practitioner and a Certified Herbalist.


Holly isn’t in the salon all the time, but she is constantly working behind the scenes. She spends many late nights working on salon marketing, educating herself in business, and planning the next big thing. It is not unusual for Holly to be up all night working while her children are asleep. ​


Every time you see Holly, she usually has a different hair colour than the last time you saw her. Whenever L’ANZA comes out with a new colour, product or technique, she is the first to volunteer her hair to try it out on. ​


Holly is always organizing events like potlucks for us girls at her house and team building activities like going out for breakfast/dinner together, doing an escape room, traveling to Medieval Times and movie nights under the stars with her projector in her backyard!


We love the positive environment Holly has created for our team and our beautiful clients!



Meet our Manager Victoria.

Victoria keeps the salon running smoothly while creating gorgeous works of art with her client's hair. 

Victoria is a fun loving person who is always laughing. She is passionate about her work and currently studying to become a L'ANZA product educator.
This girl knows her colour inside and out. 

She loves being creative and meeting new people.


She has an orange tabby named Simba who she just adores. We can't blame her. Simba is super adorable!! 

Victoria is also a vegetarian who LOVES pizza - Who doesn't? Pizza is the best!! 

Victoria likes anything creepy and scary - but not gory and she enjoys reading supernatural books. 

Her favourite place to be is by the water and if she could live anywhere, it would be in a cabin in the woods. - That sounds so peacefully relaxing 

She feels mostly like herself when her hair colour is red which is why she never strays from the warm side of the colour wheel. She tried blue once and never went back. 

Victoria has spent countless hours throughout the years, training and perfecting her skills.

She aims to make every client happy and is always the first one to sign up for a new educational course that will grow her skills to benefit her clients. 

Victoria is such an important part of our salon and we are so happy to have her on our team. 



Meet our Manager, Tina.

Tina is such a kind and genuine person and she truly wants to see you have an amazing visit while you are with us. 

Tina is usually the first person you will see when you walk into our salon, the voice on the phone when you call, and the person on the other side of the computer if you email or message the salon. She loves to help with any questions you might have and she ensures your visit is comfortable and making sure you feel welcomed into the salon.

Tina has the kindest heart and is always looking out for other people. She has slept outside in January twice to raise awareness and money for people struggling with homelessness during "Sleep Out So Others Can Sleep In" events. She also has volunteered as a face painter at Walk A Mile in Her Shoes, The Coldest Night of the Year, and Ride for Refuge for several years.

Tina has been a vegetarian for 13 years and only uses cruelty free products so working at The Beauty Boutique and knowing our L'ANZA products are not tested on animals is important to her. Her love of animals extends to rescuing any spiders we find at the salon and putting them outside.


She loves all things halloween/horror, and got married on Friday the 13th in October a few years ago and wore a black wedding dress. She loves anything Tim Burton has ever made and she's obsessed with Anthony Hopkins. She has a large Silence of the Lambs tattoo on her chest that most people think it's just a pretty quote. Now you know! 

A couple of things from Tina's bucket list consists of sky diving, scuba diving, and going diving in a shark cage. That all sounds pretty cool! I think our next vacation needs to be with Tina!  

If she isn't at the salon, she's usually hanging out with her husband and her little brother.

Tina has next level organizational skills and even though she went to school for hair, her love for systemizing and organizing led her to working as a Salon Associate and eventually Manager.

Most of the time she is working at the front desk, but she does a little bit of everything and you may also see her helping the other Stylists create beautiful looks. She's also an extremely talented Make-up Artist and manages our team of makeup artists.


Tina loves education, takes business and social media courses, and still attends hair classes to keep up to date on knowledge and techniques so she can help the team. Tina even flew to Nashville to go to an educational hair event at the start of 2020.

Tina graduated from Loyalist College in 2009 and graduated from hair school before joining The Beauty Boutique team. She really does love education!

Tina loves making sure you feel pampered and that your visits go smoothly and she looks forward to greeting you at your next appointment!



Meet Connie.

Connie is such a kind-hearted person and she is always striving to be the best she can be by constantly furthering her skills in this industry. 

She loves creating beautiful, multi-dimensional blondes, rich and shiny reds and stunning updos. Her work is not complete until she sees a smile on your face. 

Connie is mom to a beautiful little girl and loves finding new things to do with her like going to parks and searching for shore glass on the beach. She also has a dog named Mya that she loves taking on walks.


Connie's favourite season is summer. She loves going to her cottage and trailer where she can be outdoors and go swimming and she absolutely LOVES midnight swims at the trailer. Connie loves the beach and enjoys looking for shells and rocks but is terrified of whales in the Ocean. Thank goodness we don't live by the Ocean! 

Connie's new favourite hobby is creating gorgeous dreamcatchers and she is also very musically inclined. She has played piano for 8 years, played the flute in high school and secretly wishes she was a famous singer - I think we all can relate. We've all had that memorable concert performance in the shower. You're not alone, Connie. 

Like a true Canadian, Connie gets extremely excited when it begins to snow - however she has never tried snowboarding or ice skating! 

Another fun fact about Connie is that she has 2 different coloured eyes! Look closely at her picture, you'll see it.

Connie has such an amazing passion for her career and her talent amazes us every day. She has driven to Barrie and London just for hair education classes and she is always striving to do the best for her clients. 

We are very lucky to have Connie on our team and we love the positive, calm energy she brings to our space. 

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Meet Kaylee.

Kaylee is a Stylist AND Make-up Artist at The Beauty Boutique and she is our Mermaid Queen! 

Kaylee is always rocking bright hair - whether that's copper, blue, or even blonde - it always catches your eye. Whenever we think of Kaylee, we think of mermaids, unicorns and rainbows because her style is so magical and whimsical. 


Kaylee is soft spoken with a bold personality. She loves a challenge and creating vibrant looks is her favourite. Her portfolio is full of blues, pink and rainbow colours, however, Kaylee is versatile enough that she can create stunning natural looks as well.

Kaylee is a fur mom to her puppy named Octavia - and she's super cute! 

Kaylee is an animal lover and after doing a project on animals in high school, she decided to give up red meat. Kaylee has not consumed red meat in over 12 years. Our L'ANZA product line was a big deciding factor in her working at The Beauty Boutique. Using a product line that does not test on animals is very important to her. 

Like anyone with great taste, she is addicted to chocolate and potatoes. YUM!! We totally need to have a comfort food night with Kaylee!! Who's in?! 

Kaylee is so creative and talented in ways outside of the salon too. She's an amazing baker, painter and has been knitting recently as well!

Kaylee loves to learn and she is constantly watching online videos or travelling to courses to update her skills. Her talent is beyond her years and she puts her heart into her work. When you love your hair, she couldn't be happier! 

We are lucky to have such a creative stylist like Kaylee on our team. 




Meet Jessica.

She graduated from school to become a Hairstylist & Make-Up Artist and when she is not working on clients, she is assisting us around the salon. She is an amazing team player!!

Jessica was born and raised in the southeast of England. She moved to Canada 4 years ago and is absolutely in love with this country. We are in love with her beautiful accent!!


Jessica is First Nations Native Canadian and very proud of her culture and heritage. She tries to do traditional practices when she can and enjoys teaching others about her culture and ways of life.  


Outside of hair Jessica likes to play games, read comic books/graphic novels, draw and write. She is a self taught artist and illustrator, and also writes poetry and short stories.  


Jessica is a huge Marvel and DC fan and a true film fanatic: particularly Horror, SciFi and Fantasy. 

She has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years.

She started as an actor and then broke into modelling and although she didn't take modelling far, she became a successful actor appearing on British T.V, on stage, in film and in music videos. 


She also worked as a scare actor at a London attraction: The London Dungeon, an immersive experience in which you are dipped into the history of London, such as The Bubonic Plague, The Ripper murders and more. Jessica would perform the shows and also engage in promotional work. She even modelled for MAC cosmetics during their Halloween take over show and later appeared on British T.V show ITVS: "This Morning" along with other London Dungeon actors. 

She says this was terrifying as they were LIVE! (and she honestly thought she was going to trip into the camera man.) 

Jessica is very passionate about hair and makeup and feels the face and the hair are canvases to create magical art. She loves making people feel beautiful. 

She believes hair is a representation of who we are and can make a bold statement. 


As RuPaul says: "You weren't born to fit in, 

You were born to stand out."

Jessica is extremely excited to be working at The Beauty Boutique. "I'd honestly say its my 'dream salon.' I've found my happy place, and I'm looking forward to where my path leads and the people I connect with along the way!”

We love having Jessica on our team and the upbeat energy she brings and we know you will love her too!!


She'll see you, behind the chair!



Meet Jen.

Jen is one of our newer team members. 
She graduated from Canadian Beauty College. Her favourite looks to create are blended dimensional blondes and brunettes, but she does a wide variety of services. We LOVE stunning transformations with a ton of dimension.

Jen is an animal lover and is a cat mom to her rescue kitty Aspen - she LOVES cats and plans on being a foster cat mom. She'll fit right in with all of the animal lovers on our team!

Jen's signature look is all black from hair to nails . All of the clothes she owns are black - even her socks and pajamas!

When she's not working, you’ll usually find her watching true crime documentaries and she has a love for all things spooky! Sounds like we'll need to have another team (scary) movie night soon with how many of us love spooky things!

Jen has been a vegetarian for 8 years. Animal rights, sustainability and eco-minimalism play a huge part in her life which makes L'ANZA a great brand to work with as they don't test on animals and they use botanicals that are responsibly and sustainably sourced.

We are so excited to have Jen on the team and we know you'll love your visits with her too.


Meet Sydney!

Sydney is our newest team member, who is currently completing hair school. She is graduating very soon! She'll be at the salon on Saturdays until graduation, helping to assist and soon she'll be taking clients!


When she’s not in hair school, you’ll usually find Sydney cozy on the couch watching old slasher movies. Friday the 13th is her favourite movie. She’s been into horror movies since she was a kid and they stuck with her.


Sydney is coffee obsessed - lattes, espresso shots, ice coffee! Almost always with a dash of pumpkin spice. Yum! Being a coffee fiend is pretty normal for our team!

She loves tattoos and hopes to fill up her left arm with them! We all love tattoos so it's fun to have another team member join with common interests!

Sydney collects taxidermy insects and creepy oddities which might sound strange but they are gorgeous! She has a wall of framed butterflies and moths. So pretty!! We love spooky things!

When it comes to all things hair, Sydney loves the warm side of the colour wheel! She loves doing warm balayages and solid colours - caramel to copper to bright red. She has had red hair for many years so she might be a little biased!

Sydney also loves doing grey coverage because it’s important to her that every woman feels beautiful at every age and we couldn't agree more. She can’t wait to do more Creative Colours as well as she loves Pulp Riot so she is in a great place for that. We love our Creative Colours around here!

We are thrilled to have Sydney join our team and we can't wait for you to meet her.