Be kind to your collagen! Indulge your skin with this super-concentrated serum that helps you age well by effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the use of harsh, aggressive ingredients. Packed with 2% Bakuchiol - a plant-based retinol alternative that has been shown to be gentle and well-tolerated by the skin - this ingredient delivers the same benefits as dermatologist-revered Retinol to reduce visible signs of aging. Our unique Bakuchiol serum also contains stabilized Vitamin C to support collagen through moisturization, botanically-based Sustainable Plant Stem Cell Extract, and Sea Buckthorn to help this multi-tasking serum support the skin's barrier while improving the look of skin elasticity, firmness and texture. Gentle and non-irritating, this vegan serum is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic, allergy- and dermatologist-tested. | 30 ml

Mind. Body. Skin.™ Tip: Nature is more than just a source of botanically based ingredients that provide myriad benefits for the skin. Research has shown that interacting with natural environments is associated with direct and positive effects on overall well-being1, so what are you waiting for? Get outside and enjoy a mood boost!

AgeWell Collagen Nurturing Serum with 2% Bakuchiol