Our Policy

Booking Deposit

We are so excited that you have chosen to book an appointment with us.

We can't wait to pamper you and make you feel wonderful.  

Our stylists work and train extremely hard to give you the best possible experience and to provide for their families.  

Cancelling last minute or not showing up at all has a major impact on the salon and our team, so to reduce this, we require a deposit fee to reserve your appointment spot.  

This deposit fee will be deducted from your service total at checkout upon the completion of your appointment or carried over to your next prebooked appointment.  

Our stylists will reserve your spot for 2 hours (or if you book outside of working hours, your spot will be reserved until opening).  

If we do not receive a booking deposit via etransfer the appointment spot will be given to the next name on our waiting list.  

Please note: Creative services require a complimentary consultation prior to booking and deposit amounts will be discussed with your stylist during your consultation.  

We appreciate your understanding.



We understand that life happens and sometimes you will need to reschedule or cancel your appointment - that's totally cool!  

Your appointment spot is reserved just for you so we do request 24 hours notice to cancel.  

This allows your Stylist to contact clients on our waiting list to fill the cancelled appointment spot.  

Guests who do not cancel an appointment within 24 hours, or do not show up for their appointment without any notice forfeit the return of their deposit fee.

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms within 24 hours of your appointment, we ask that you reschedule and we will waive the penalty.


Pricing and duration of appointments are starting point estimates and can change for many reasons.  

We offer complimentary consultations and highly encourage you to contact us to chat about your hair goal so we can provide you with a more accurate quote.

Our stylists will always make sure to go over pricing before completing services to ensure there are no major surprises at checkout.

Our Commitment To Earth

The North American Salon Industry produces 421 206 lbs of waste PER DAY! 

The Beauty Boutique is proud to join the Green Movement. 

The Beauty Boutique is a certified sustainable salon and diverts 95% of our waste from Canadian landfills & waterways.

You can reduce your carbon footprint just by booking your appointment at The Beauty Boutique.

Our Commitment To Cleanliness

The Beauty Boutique is clean, professional and follows all health & safety regulations.     

We take the health and safety of our clients and staff very seriously and always make sure to follow strict guidelines to ensure that our tools are cleaned and sanitized properly.  
All of our staff are trained and certified in infection control.

A comb or brush is NEVER used on more than one client without being properly sanitized after each use.     

We scrub and soak our tools in a detergent and then transfer them to a disinfectant solution.     

We keep 70% alcohol in the salon and we spray our scissors, clippers and trimmers with a disinfectant after every use. 
Our capes and towels are always washed after every client and anything in our salon that can not be sanitized is considered a single-use item and is discarded once it is used.

We have hand sanitizer stations around the salon for staff and clients to use in order to minimize the spread of germs.

Our work stations and chairs are wiped down with disinfectant after every client and we practice proper hand washing once each person leaves our chair.

Our stylists wear a new apron when servicing each client.

Our gloves are one-time use and recycled after each service.

We have installed touchless faucets and automatic soap dispensers in our bathroom to minimize the spread of germs in our salon.

Our salon is constantly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day to ensure our establishment is always clean for your visit.
We proudly display our Green Pass sign from The Health Department in our salon window.



Thick and/or Long Hair

If you have thick and/or long hair, please select the THICK/LONG service option when booking online.  

This allows for proper timing for your service.  

By not selecting the THICK/LONG option, we cannot guarantee your service will be able to be completed.  

Thick and/or long hair appointments booked as a standard service appointment will have pricing adjusted upon visit.  

If you have booked an appointment and are unsure which option you should have selected, that is completely fine.  
Contact us and we will help adjust it for you.



We want you to LOVE your hair.  

This is why we do what we do.  

Happy clients are our number one priority.  

We understand that we aren't always perfect and corrections can happen - after all, we are human too.  

If you are not satisfied with your hair and given that your hair goal is a realistic one, please let us know within 5 days of your appointment and we will be happy to schedule a one-time complimentary corrective service with management approval.

Thank you! We can't wait to see you!


If you are unsure of what services to book for, please contact us via phone, Facebook, email or even our website chat box and we will be happy to help guide you.  This will ensure your appointment has a sufficient amount of time to complete the look you desire.


Remember to complete your booking by clicking the "book now" button after selecting your appointment details.

Please check your email or texts to ensure you receive confirmation of your appointment. 

If you do not receive an email or a text, please call us IMMEDIATELY at 289.600.6462 so we can confirm your appointment has been reserved. 


Please etransfer your deposit to


Appointments of $50 or more require a $50 deposit fee that is deducted off your checkout total or refundable with 24 hours notice of cancellation.




All of our forms have been moved online to prevent cross contamination.

You will receive an email a few days before your appointment asking you to complete these forms.  

All forms are required. 

Failure to complete them will result in cancellation of your appointment.

If you are not subscribed to our email list, you will not receive these forms and will need to complete them via the buttons below or through our online booking page on our website. 


Once the forms have been submitted and your deposit has been received, our system will automatically secure your appointment with us.

**If you are NOT receiving a colour service, you do NOT need to complete the Colour Form**

You can view and complete this form here: