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The Beauty Boutique is an award-winning salon located near downtown Whitby.  

Our salon is fresh, trendy, full of life - and pink! 

At The Beauty Boutique, you can gain a moment of peace and some much needed pampering time.


We are completely focused on YOU when you walk into our salon.  You are treated as our guest.

A delicious warm latte or a fancy glass of pink champagne and yummy desserts are always ready for you to enjoy while you visit with us.


We also have partnered with a local restaurant to offer you a variety of menu items for you to enjoy that can be delivered right to your salon chair.

We offer free parking, WIFI and a charging station for you devices so you don't need to worry about that dreaded low-battery.

During our Luxury Services, we will relieve your stress as you lay back and enjoy a luxurious shampoo complete with an aromatherapy infused hot towel, a GLORIOUS mini scalp massage and a deep revitalizing hair treatment to ensure your hair always feels it's healthiest.


We understand that having your hair done can be nerve-racking.  To ease any fears, our stylists perform a thorough consultation complete with a pricing quote before any services begin.  This ensures there are no surprises at the front desk and you can confidently enjoy your visit. 

We love to create looks that reflect your personality, whether that means a strong and solid brunette, a bright and dazzling blonde, or a bold and daring rainbow of colour.

We have gained a reputation for our creative work, however, even a grey coverage touch-up service can be just as powerful.


The most important thing for us is that you feel great about yourself when you leave our salon.

We have very strong morals and believe that it is our responsibility to not only help our clients to feel beautiful, but to keep earth beautiful as well. 

For this reason, we are a certified sustainable salon that diverts 95% of our waste from Canadian landfills and waterways.  

It is extremely important to us that our products are never tested on animals, contain the finest organic ingredients and are eco-friendly. 

Our clients comment almost daily that our salon radiates positivity.  We promote self acceptance, as we believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and we are here to help bring out your confidence.

We hold ourselves accountable for the environment of our workplace and each stylist resonates with the salon's values and morals.  We do not encourage negativity of any kind in our space and as a result, you experience a positive and relaxing visit every time.

Our stylists are fun-loving, kind, motivated, dedicated, and invested in each other’s success.
You can often find them laughing together, educating each other, lifting each other up when one is down and lending a hand when needed to help keep each other on schedule.

We absolutely love what we do and seeing you walk out of our salon with a smile is everything to us.  

We would love to pamper you today.



The Beauty Boutique started with one chair and a big dream.


Tired of working in unhealthy and competitive environments and being unable to express her creativity, Holly decided to follow her dream of opening her own salon. 


Her vision was to create a positive environment for her staff where their talent would be nurtured and clients’ would feel truly special after every visit.
The salon began as a mobile salon in 2009 where Holly would travel to clients’ homes and perform haircutting and hair colouring services. 


Her company was Mobile Style and it was her first test of being an entrepreneur.    


She would arrive equipped with a portable salon sink and a mini hand vacuum to clean up any bits of hair when she was finished.


She built quite a following and there are many faces from Mobile Style that still visit The Beauty Boutique today! 


She turned her mobile salon into a one chair salon in her basement in 2013. 


Driven by passion, and despite many struggles, The Beauty Boutique began to flourish and win awards.


In 2013, the salon won Platinum for Best Hair Salon in the Reader’s Choice Awards 2013. 

After 2 years of hard work, dedication, passion and the support of her loving husband, Holly built a successful business and the basement salon moved to it's very first one chair retail space.

The Beauty Boutique operated in this location for one year.  It was here that Victoria joined our team and helped to pamper our clients while Holly was going through pregnancy and renovating a larger location for the salon to move to.

Renovations were completed just in time for little Onnalee to be born and The Beauty Boutique moved to it's new 700 square foot location in 2015.

Our wonderful team was formed and everyone worked extremely hard to make the salon successful.


Our salon flourished in our community and in 2018, we were able to expand from a 700 square foot space to our current location - a 2250 square foot space that was completely renovated and designed by Holly. 


It is an understatement to say it is a dream come true. It still feels unreal.

The Beauty Boutique has continued to win awards throughout the years, including Diamond for Best Hair Salon in the Reader’s Choice Awards 2017, Toronto's Most Wanted Salon & Beauty Salon Of The Year 2018 in the Toronto Hair & Beauty Awards.


Holly keeps a few pieces from her Basement Salon in the decor of The Beauty Boutique to serve as a humble reminder of where she started and to remind her that dreams do come true if you believe in yourself.

Our team is constantly updating their education so that we can better serve you every day.  


Nothing makes us feel better than seeing you walk out with a big smile!

We are so thankful and grateful for every client who has visited us over the years.  It is because of you that we are able to work in a positive environment and continue to grow so that we can better serve you every single day.

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